Juneteenth Lake County 2024

Welcome to our vibrant Juneteenth festival, where culture and community support come alive! Immerse yourself in the beauty of African clothing, captivating art, and black-owned businesses for a day of flavor, fashion, artistry, and empowerment. This event also provides an opportunity to introduce our neighbors to the unique arts and culture of Lake County. Join us as we commemorate Juneteenth with unity and creativity in a family-friendly setting. Our event showcases musical genres from jazz to hip-hop with live performances by local artists celebrating the rich heritage of the African American community.

Hosted Festivals

Celebrate Juneteenth at our festival, where you can enjoy an enchanting atmosphere filled with music, delectable food, and captivating crafts. This vibrant event annually attracts over 25,000 visitors from across the Chicagoland region, coming together to honor our community. It’s also an opportunity to introduce our neighbors to the unique arts and culture of Lake County. Join us as we commemorate Juneteenth and embrace the spirit of unity and creativity in a family-friendly setting.

Over the years, we have hosted over 14 family-friendly multi- generational festivals and music from local, regional and international acts with the support of sponsors like YOU!

New Location!

The festival venue will be located at Foss Park which is at 1901 Foss Park Avenue in North Chicago, IL 60088.

Who We Are

The Greater Waukegan Development Coalition, now GWDC, is a community development organization that fosters economic development in economically challenged communities. Because research has found that no one initiative or program can revitalize a community on its own, GWDC focuses on holistic economic and community development grounded in the values and resources of each community.


To inspire the community both economically and culturally while helping build the next generation of leaders.


To use the tools of economic development to strengthen communities through local entrepreneurship, transformative real estate development, and access to capital.


GWDC fosters economic development in challenged communities by supporting, incubating, nurturing or creating core businesses, pursuing transformative and innovative real estate development and utilizing foreign direct investment in revitalizing and re-energizing commercial areas in the greater Chicago region.

Save the Date

June 14, 2024
Friday 5:00pm – 10:00pm
June 15,2024
Saturday 12:00pm – 11:00pm
June 16,2024
Sunday 12:00pm – 9:00pm


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